All these files includes assembler source-code unless anything else is stated in the description.

VESA10.ZIP PORTALS OBJ #1: VESA HI-SPEED SVGA DRIVERS An assembler linkable object file that shall enable users to impliment all VESA hi-speed graphic modes. Includes functions to write, and read pixels, set and get palette colors, and set internal margins. Free for all non-commercial use. 15 Kb
COOL.ZIP BBS-demo. 16 Kb
INTRO.ZIP BBS-demo. Coded by Iguana. 20 Kb
LOADER.ZIP Another BBS-ad. 18 Kb
STUFFIE.ZIP A little intro. Shows the mode 640x480x16. 12 Kb
BARS.ZIP Two examples of some nice bouncing colorbars. Coded by Patch. 8 Kb
BP-HIRES.ZIP Example of using screen size 640x480x16. 13 Kb
COP.ZIP Demo with vertical copper bars. 35 Kb
CFT-ASM.ZIP A guide to the assembly language by Dr. Encryption/CTF. 24 Kb
FLAMES.ZIP Different fire-flame routines. 14 Kb
LOADGIF.ZIP Display a Compuserve GIF. 21 Kb
NBL-FADE.ZIP Fade routine by Ash/Nailbomb. 25 Kb
RASTERS.ZIP Some rasterbars... 2 Kb
ROTATE.ZIP Rotate a 3d-cube. 5 Kb
STARS.ZIP Very nice starfiled simulation, done by VLA. 12 Kb
WAVES.ZIP Waves two pic-planes into eachother. 22 Kb
VGA-FADE.ZIP Another fade-routine. 19 Kb
VIEW-TGA.ZIP Source to view a TGA-image, done by VLA. 12 Kb
VLA-ASM.ZIP Assembler course, written by VLA. 22 Kb

These files were collected by Daniel Wiman. If you see something that you know don't belong here as free downloadable, contact me and I'll remove it.

If you have anything that you wish to add, either your own creations or someone elses, feel free to send me an e-mail.
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