Most of the files are zipped. Use WinZip if you're not familiar with this format. If you find something that you don't think belong on these pages as free download, please mention it to me.

MSGHOOK.ZIP Freeware 'message hook' controls by Mabry software. A set of VBX'es and OCX'es that let's you catch messages from Windows. 152 Kb
VBDIS4.ZIP Visual Basic 4.0 - 16 diassembler. 80 Kb
TBICON.ZIP A great example how to minimize a program to the tray-bar. VB4-32 / VB5 source. 2 Kb
WINSOCK.ZIP Declarations and functions to access Winsock through the Windows API. (BAS-file for Visual Basic 4.0 or greater.) 16 Kb
NEWS.EXE USENET/NNTP news and newsgroup access control. VBX/OCX. 302 Kb
MSVBVM50.ZIP MSVBVM50.dll - Runtime library for programs/ActiveX controls made with Visual Basic 5.0 670 Kb
VBDIS8.ZIP Decompiler for programs written in Visual Basic 3.0. 216 Kb
WINRC212.ZIP A free resource-compiler to use with Visual Basic 4 (and newer). 1.7 Mb
GVOCX.ZIP OCX for viewing GIF, JPG, etc. 199 Kb
ANIGIF.ZIP OCX to display GIF(still,animation,GIF87a,GIF89a). 280 Kb
REGISTRY.ZIP VB4 module with functions to interact with the system registry. 2 Kb
VBCALLDP.ZIP How to create a DLL in Delphi and call it from VB. Sample sources included. 87 Kb
ALARM.EXE Alarm Custom Control (VBX/OCX). This control lets you set an alarm (or multiple alarms) to go off at a particular time(s). An event is fired at the appropriate time. You can easily specify times such as: 10:45pm, every hour on the hour, every ten minutes, etc. 179 Kb
HITIME.EXE High Resolution Timer (VBX/OCX). This is a high resolution timer custom control for Visual Basic. It allows you to have timer events come in nearly every millisecond, as opposed to every 55 milliseconds with the normal Visual Basic Timer control. 166 Kb
DFINFO.EXE Disk and File Info Control (VBX). This control gives you disk and file information that VB doesn't provide (including the drive's serial number). It also allows you to change some aspects of a file (attributes, size, date, time, etc.). 204 Kb
FTP4W25.ZIP This is a Freeware DLL (16/32-bit) for ftp-communication and file-transfer. VB example code is included. 153 Kb
BRIDG22.ZIP A program that generates code to scale your forms and controls properly in case of a resize event. 249 Kb
CARDS.ZIP Example on using the file CARDS.DLL in your own project. This file is used by most card games to draw the card fronts and backs. 2 Kb
3D.ZIP Make your program in 3d without VBX'es. 1 Kb
BALLOON.ZIP How to make your own "Balloon-help" (=The yellow notes that shows when you drag the mouse onto a toolbar-button in MS Word) in VB without any VBX. 4 Kb
CRYPT.ZIP Functions for cryptation in VB. (VB3 .bas file) 2 Kb
WINFLIC.ZIP WinFlic.VBX - A nice VBX that allows you to play Autodesk 3dStudio .FLI animation-files in your VB application. 15 Kb
VBRUN100.ZIP VBRUN100.dll - Runtime library for programs made with Visual Basic 1.0. 154 Kb
VBRUN200.ZIP VBRUN200.dll - Runtime library for programs made with Visual Basic 2.0. 200 Kb
VBRUN300.ZIP VBRUN300.dll - Runtime library for programs made with Visual Basic 3.0. 226 Kb
VB40016.ZIP VB40016.dll - Runtime library for programs made with Visual Basic 4.0 / 16-bit version. 463 Kb
VB40032.ZIP VB40032.dll - Runtime library for programs made with Visual Basic 4.0 / 32-bit version. 380 Kb
GIFBOX.ZIP GIFBOX.VBX - A picturebox-like VBX that allows you to use Compuserve GIF's instead of Microsoft Windows BMP's. 32 Kb
MSGBLAST.ZIP MSGBLAST.VBX - A VBX that allows you to catch other messages than the predefined Visual Basic messages. C-source included. 100 Kb

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